Wait…Morgan has another blog now? And it’s on a .XYZ domain?


Yes, that might just be the response you’re having right now. Today I announced a brand new blog where I’ll be sharing my journey as a startup founder and angel investor, and I launched it on Morgan.xyz.

So why a second blog?

Good question, and I knew you’d ask so I’ll tell you! In under a month I’ll be celebrating the 11 year anniversary of MorganLinton.com, a blog that I write daily, and write about domain names. I love domain names and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, and yes – I’ll still be writing daily on MorganLinton.com.

At the same time, over the last six years my life has changed dramatically. I run a startup and I started investing in startups and I’ve been dying to talk more about it. That being said, I know that most of you aren’t super interested in hearing about why I don’t like convertible notes, or which VC firms I think are the best for seed stage startups.

So rather than having my current audience on MorganLinton.com wonder if I’m going to write about something they’re interested in or not, I want to keep this blog focused on domains, and focused on daily blog posts.

Morgan.xyz is not a daily blog, it’s a weekly blog that I’ll be writing on Sundays, and to accompany each post there will also be a podcast because I think it will be interesting to see if some people would rather listen than read.

So what makes Morgan.xyz different than all the other blogs about startups?

Well, most startup-related blogs seems to be written by experts and serial entrepreneurs. I am neither. This is the first startup I’ve ever run, I have no exits, and like most new founders, I’m learning every day. I want to write a raw and real blog about what I’m learning as a founder, things that aren’t working, things that stress me out, you know – things that 99% of other founders are going through if you look past all the annoying bullshit about “crushing it”

I want to put the whole idea of “crushing it” to rest, I think it’s bad for the startup world and sets unrealistic expectations. Running a startup is incredibly hard, has very few accolades associated with it, and doesn’t often involve crushing it, really ever. So let’s get real and talk about what it’s like when you raise a million dollars and you have the pressure of building a team, a product, and delivering results…it’s not quite a glamorous as it sounds.

That being said, like most founders, I am insanely passionate about what we are doing. I can honestly say we are building technology that is changing the world, and that’s why it’s all worth it. This doesn’t mean that I wake up each morning “doing what I love” or that I reap the benefits of “being my own boss” and I think it’s important for all of us who do start companies to be more transparent and real about the stress and mental anguish that comes with running a startup.

So why Morgan.xyz? Are you a big .XYZ investor or something?

Nope, not a big .XYZ investor, and don’t plan to be. I actually think that the vast majority of new gTLDs aren’t going to turn out to be good investments for Domainers. I do think that new gTLDs are great for development and I think .XYZ has done a great job of branding themselves in the startup space.

There are a ton of innovative startups that are branding on .XYZ and hey, a little company called Google also happened to put their parent company on abc.xyz, so there’s that.

Daniel and his team have done an amazing job building the .XYZ brand and I am proud to be on Morgan.xyz, it’s easy to remember, and no, I’m never going to get Morgan.com because it’s owned by JP Morgan Chase and they aren’t going to sell it to me.

So what’s changing on here?

Nothing, MorganLinton.com is going to be the same daily domain blog you know and love. But if you want to read more about startups and what it’s really like to run a startup beyond all the crushing it hype – then you can check out weekly blog posts on Morgan.xyz.

Now is where you come in, as you know I always like to hear from you – my readers. Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton