VPN.com announces latest domain sales, targets $25M in sales this year


VPN.com, which has become a pretty happening domain brokerage house just announced a batch of sales including Detect.com, GTA.com and more. While they didn’t reveal pricing for all of their sales, they did list pricing for a few and shared some of the names under exclusive with them now.

The sales that were announced in this latest release are:

SEOService.com – $35,000
Detect.com – $57,000
GTA.com – price not disclosed
SiteMaps.com – price not disclosed
VPNUnlimited.com – price not disclosed

My guess is that GTA.com was likely the top sale out of this list and I’ll be interested to see who picked it up…seems like a logical fit for Rockstar Games, the maker of the wildly popular game Grand Theft Auto, often called GTA.

VPN.com also announced they are brokering some pretty solid names like Workspace.com, SouthernCalifornia.com and Bucket.com. The company is also actively hiring more domain brokers as they are targeting $25M in sales in 2019.

As VPN.com continues to produce quality and consistent domain name transactions, they are actively recruiting more domain name brokers to achieve their goal of selling $25 million in domain names over the next year. (Source – AP)

While VPN.com is, as you’d expect, a company focused on VPN services, the founder, Michael Gargiulo knows the domain game well. He paid a pretty penny for VPN.com, spending just south of $1M to acquire the name back in July of last year.

Now he’s split the brand into two different focus areas – a site reviewing and comparing VPN services and a domain brokerage company. It’s not something I’ve seen done too often but in this case I think it’s actually a pretty unique approach. Who better to broker domains than someone that has themselves shelled out close to $1M for a domain for their business? When it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, it feels like this is a great example of exactly that.

Still I’ve heard some people in the past warn of using one brand for two different businesses. Like I said, in this case I think it works, and given the fact that they keep making sales and keep getting good names under exclusive things seem to be going well.

What do you think? Does using VPN.com both as a site to compare VPN services and a domain brokerage company make sense? I want to hear from you, comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton