Votizen Case Study at Startup Lessons Learned 2011

Wow! This conference has already been unbelievably inspiring and educational…and we’re only two speakers in. Onto the next speaker, David Binetti from Votizen. David has some serious energy and is a lot of fun to see speaking. He is an entrepreneur and the founder of Votizen.

  • You should not be in this for the money, you should be in this to change the world, make a difference!
  • Two main qualities of the entrepreneurs: the ability to create your own reality and patience
  • So why Lean? Lean just mitigates your own reality distortion field
  • The lean process is not about small, it’s not about cheap, it’s about helping you avoid very expensive false positives
  • Lean converts market risk into technical risk
  • Pivots are restatements of your business model, it is not synonymous with change
  • Pivots are driven by your vision, not testing
  • You earned what you learned, don’t flail
  • Iterate, release, do it again!
  • PR can be bad – gives you the illusion of progress
  • Seek funding when you think you have more technical risk than market risks
  • Over time iteration loops got tighter, faster, and better
  • Final Thought: You can act lean but you need to think big!
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton