Using Estibot to generate lists of potential buyers for your domain names

Sometimes I think that Estibot should have picked a different name. It’s not that I don’t like the name Estibot, it’s more that most of what I use it for myself is all the tools they have under-the-hood that actually have nothing to do with valuation. The reality is, I don’t use any automated appraisal systems when it comes to pricing my domain names, but I love Estibot, and they’re tools for finding lists of potential buyers is a huge time-saver.

I was talking to someone at NamesCon who was asking me about how to find people to reach out to about their domains. I told them about Estibot’s lead generator tool and they said, “wait, I thought Estibot just did appraisals.” They probably aren’t alone here so I thought I’d put together a post walking through this super handy feature in more detail.


You’ll find the Estibot lead generator as the first option when looking at the different ways that Estibot can help you sell your domain. Simply click the “Generate Buyers” button and you’ll see the screen below.


I usually stick to the default “Simple Mode” but you can click “Advanced” to get a bit more granular about how you’d like Estibot to generate leads for you. If you do decide to go the advanced route, you’ll see this screen:


You’ll notice that the “Advanced” option adds the ability to include keywords to better target the domain matching. Once everything is ready to rock, you just click that giant orange button that says “Generate Leads” and Estibot gets to work. I ran it for one of my domains, and it generated over 400 leads, here’s what it looks like once the results are returned.


Of course, I personally wouldn’t email all 443 leads here. Instead I recommend going through the lead list and picking which leads you want to email. Below each suggestion you get some nifty stats like Alexa rank and domain age.

So next time you’re trying to drum up a list of potential buyers for your domains, remember, you don’t have to do it the old fashioned way, Estibot can do it for you. You can read more about the Estibot Lead Generator tool here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton