Update On My Offer To Buy A Domain From One Of My Readers For $1,200

On Monday of this week I did a post that now holds a new record for number of comments received on a single post. The post was an open invitation for people to post domains that meet  a specific criteria with a chance to sell one to me for $1,200. I was very excited to see the number of people who submitted domains but also pretty amazed to see how few people took the time to follow my instructions, and actually shocked at how many people didn’t know what exact-match search volume was!

I was so surprised how many people misunderstood exact-match search volume that I did a post titled, Understanding The Difference Between Exact And Broad Match to shed some much-needed light on the subject. It actually started to get a bit sad as I saw people who obviously thought that they were buying great domains, when they were actually buying complete junk with incredibly low search volume.

Along with a misunderstanding of search volume, many people ignored the rules and posted domains that didn’t come close to meeting the criteria. I knew a bit of this was going to happen, but it really happened a lot more than I thought. Still I published every single submission since I feel that if you want to take the time to comment on my blog, I’ll publish it!

Now this has turned-into a bit of a project for myself since I have to check every single submission to understand if the search volume and CPC actually matches what people submitted. I’ll be spending a few hours this weekend organizing this all and on Monday will be reporting the following:

  • # of domains submitted
  • % that met the criteria I specified
  • Domain I will buy (if there are enough that meet the criteria)

I still don’t know how many domains met the criteria I specified so I don’t know whether I’m picking from a pool of 50 domains, or 5. My plan is to buy one of these domains but I do need to make sure there’s enough of a selection to make a good purchase. If at the end of my review I find a few good domains that met my criteria, I will absolutely buy one, or more, but it’s a bit too early to tell since I still have a fair amount of work ahead of me to verify all this data!Even though many people didn’t follow the directions, and yes, a ton of people turned-out to have no idea what exact-match search volume is, I am still incredibly grateful to everyone who participated. I am excited about digging deeper this weekend and sharing the results with all of you this weekend. Stay-tuned and of course if you have any comments, anonymous or not, please feel free to share them below!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton