Up-Close and Personal with .NL

I am currently on vacation in Amsterdam – doing my best to unplug which is why I haven’t posed in the past week. One thing that I always pay attention to when I travel abroad is what TLD they use with their advertisements. In Amsterdam .NL has definitely taken-over .COM as it is the TLD used in about 95% off all the advertisements I have seen on the street, on TV, and in magazines.

There are many people that focus on "Trend Domaining" – taking advantage of certain trends to get popular or soon-to-be popular domain names. Our company has done this with "Stimulus checks" -related domain names as this trend turned-out to be a big money-maker for us.

So what is the next big money-maker in .NL? I haven’t spent much time looking at what’s available but I can tell you that any name related to "coffee shops", "canals", "Museums", "bikes", or any combination with one of the city’s many area’s like Leidseplein or Jordaan.

Amsterdam is a major destination in Europe and the .NL TLD has clearly been adopted as the standard going forward. I’ll be heading to France soon so will be able to provide some insight into more TLD’s across Europe. I’d be interested to know if there are any Dutch Domainers that read my blog that might have some more thoughts on .NL…

Happy Flipping and Hello from Amsterdam!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton