Uniregistry takes two-factor authentication to the next level

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For those who know me well, you know that I’m a pretty paranoid guy and a bit of a security nut. One of the security provisions I think is an absolute must is two-factor authentication. Why is this so important?

Let’s be honest, passwords get stolen all the time. Seriously, it happens constantly and you usually aren’t notified until days or weeks after the company realizes that their servers have been compromised. If access to your registrar account is compromised anyone can login and transfer your domain names to their account. Unlike physical products, good luck getting your domain names back, the police won’t have a clue what to do here.

You can always “hope” that the registrar they transferred to will do the right thing but criminals often transfer to registrars in other countries that they know will let them get away with it.

Two-step authentication is free with Unireigstry and they have one of the slickest implementations of the technology that I think is definitely safer than the standard “text” message approach. The problem with getting a text message is that this displays on the home screen of your phone, so if the person trying to steal your domain names is able to steal your cellphone, they can get the two-factor authentication code without having to unlock your phone.


Uniregistry takes two-step authentication to the next level by providing the code in the app, this means that even if a criminal nabs your phone, they would need your fingerprint to get in and access the app. When I first saw this the security geek inside me jumped for joy, this is two-factor authentication done right.

Of course there are a lot more things that make the Uniregistry app one of my favorite domain registrar apps but this is the feature that to me really takes the cake since it means someone could steal my phone and still couldn’t get into my registar account, feels like it should cost extra, but it’s free, and better security for free is something I’m always a fan of.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton