Uniregistry Marketplace continues to solidify itself as a top domain marketplace with close to $30M in sales so far this year

Well the numbers are in and they are damn impressive. Uniregistry, which quickly gained notoriety as the startup-friendly registrar, then opened a marketplace that is quickly becoming the go-to resource for startups acquiring domain names. And the numbers don’t lie, with close to $30M in sales so far this year it’s safe to say that Uniregistry Market is on fire.


The news of the monster sales number broke on popular domain name blog DomainInvesting.com and not surprisingly .COM is the dominant extension amongst the top sales with one-word .COMs stealing the show as usual. The highest reported sale was Kombucha.com for $200,000 followed by Squeeze.com at $150,000.

It was interesting to see some one-word .NETs in the mix with some pretty solid sales like Odds.net for $70,000 and Juegos.net for $60,000 which just goes to show that one-word .NETs can still command some really nice sales numbers.

I was also surprised to see a couple pretty long three-word .COM like SmallBusinessMarketing.com sell for $30,000 and TexasDWIAttorney.com for $25,000. So if you thought that only one-word .COMs were yielding high sales prices, know that even three word .COMs and one-word .NETs still might sell for more than you think.

You can see a nice big long list of sales right here on DomainInvesting.com along with some interesting comments well worth reading, currently at 34 as of the time I am writing this post. Congrats to Uniregistry, in a relatively short period of time they have build a strong marketplace – you can check out what’s on there now at uniregistry.com/market.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton