Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Miss DOMAINfest This Year


There is a lot of buzz around this year’s DOMAINfest conference. Along with a new venue at a chic Hollywood Hotel Domain Sponsor is literally pulling out all the stops to make this one for the record books. While you probably don’t need ten reasons to head to sunny Southern California here are ten reasons why I think you absolutely cannot miss DOMAINfest this year.

10. Network and party with awesome entrepreneurs from around the world

9. Learn from experts in their field on topics ranging from “How to Build a Diversified Domain Business Beyond Parking” to “How to Raise Capital for Your Domain, Mobile or Startup Business.”

8. Stone Temple Pilots are playing a private concert for attendees (yes, you heard that right!)

7. There is a 0% chance of snow in Hollywood, ever

6. The show ends with a private party at Skybar in Hollywood

5. Deals you may have never thought of can serendipitously happen at DOMAINfest (and do every year)

4. Get the latest updates on the new gTLD rollout from the people in the trenches making it happen

3. There tend to be exciting announcements and special deals at DOMAINfest and attendees always have a front-row seat

2. Gary V is giving the keynote (if you’ve never seen Gary before, watch this)

1. Do you really need an excuse to come to Hollywood?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton