Three Reasons Why This Domainer Loves the Super Bowl

So all my friends are already in a competitive frenzy about the Super Bowl. Since I went to school in Pittsburgh (at Carnegie Mellon for those people who haven’t read my bio yet) the buzz is all about the Steelers. Now I’ll be honest, I have only watched one football game this year and it was the last Steelers playoff game. Doesn’t make me much of a football fan right…well I’m not but it is fun to have my team in it even if I can only name a few of the players!

There, I’ve put it all on the table, you now know how weak my football knowledge is. So then why the heck am I writing a post about how much I love the Super Bowl? Because this year I’m excited about the Super Bowl as a Domainer and here’s why:

  1. None of my friends or family have heard of .CO. I’ve been pretty excited about .co all year but every time I mention it to someone I have to explain what a TLD is. If there is one way to reach just about everyone in America, football fan or not, it’s the Super Bowl. This means that after the Super Bowl everyone will have at least heard of .CO!
  2. The best four hours to catch a domain in 2011 might just be today. I’m not sure if there is another time during the year where more Domainers will have their aftermarket bidding on autopilot. There are a few names I have my eye on although I think I may slip-into the category of Domainers watching the game and not the drops, but don’t tell anyone!
  3. The Steelers are in it. Yes I’m a geek who doesn’t follow football but I was a die-hard Steelers fan for five years and I will be celebrating with the rest of Steeler country if they win the game. The Super Bowl is really only exciting for me if the Steelers are in it since I have no emotional attachment to any other team. Go Steelers!!

Feel free to share your own top three list, and to all the Packer fans out there I’ll apologize for the Steelers kicking your butt in advance! (10:20am is not too early to begin the trash talking, right?)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton