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My friend Oliver is selling some excellent domains at Sedo and with only two days left I thought I’d share this with all of you. I’ve known Oliver for a couple years now and had the chance to meet him in person last year at TRAFFIC Dublin. I can tell you that not only does Oliver have a great eye for good domains but he’s also very realistic with his pricing.

You can check-out the current auction going on right now at Sedo.

Here are a few of the names that I like along with the current bid price: – $9,900
This is an entire category and with the plural you could make a great product site although it’s also a great domain to own and flip someday as well. – $5,500
Another great category-killer and great for anyone that wants to sell Brandy online…yum! – $3,456
Nice one-word .com that could be used in a number of different applications. – $500
If people don’t bid this up higher I might have to grab it myself. Nobody likes yellow gold any more, it’s all about white gold, and this is the category-defining .net for under a grand! – $310
Wow – this is crazy at under $500. There is a good chance I’ll be scooping this up unless someone else bids higher. Great finance name with tons of development potential and trust with the .org. – $250
With strong search volume and an economy where people are looking for deals this could be a big money-maker. Also amazed the bidding isn’t over $500 yet on this one.

So take a look, all of these names are selling for wholesale not retail values so make great development or flip candidates. You can view the auction at Sedo here.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton