This guy is selling a domain name a day outbound

Yogi domain sales

This year there has been a lot of discussion about outbound domain sales. When I was at NamesCon earlier this year, which honestly feels like decades ago given all that’s happen between now and then, outbound was a hot topic. Since then I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from domain investors who have been doing outbound, with a key trend being the price range they’re selling names in which is typically below $1,000.

One domain investors I’ve been following on Twitter and who seems to be doing pretty darn well when it comes to outbound is Yogi. He recently tweeted about his sale of MomentumAccounting(dot)com for $400, his third domain in three days, and here are the other two:

A few takeaways from these sales right off the bat:

  • All three are under $500 (the highest sale was $450)
  • All domains are .COM
  • Two and three word .COMs

Going back a few weeks I was able to find another tweet, this time a brandable one-word .COM for $500 which I think more solidifies the sales trend highlighting the combination or price-point and TLD vs. number of words.

For many domain investors, price points in the $500 or less range are off-the-table, people often talk of a low-bound sweet spot in the $1,500 range. This data makes me think that maybe we’re all holding off cashflow by waiting for sales north of $1,000 and could likely be making more sales, still at a nice ROI, in the $500 range.

I know that I normally won’t sell a domain for under $1,000 – which would mean the $2,000+ of sales that Yogi made over the last 1+ months would have been $0 in sales for me. And maybe that’s the right move – I might make more money in sales over the course of a year selling less domains, but maybe not. It makes you think…are some of us making less money in the short term because we want to sell our domains for more?

Yes, this is a very open-ended question and as we all know, everyone has a different strategy and approach to domain investing. What do you think? Is it worth doing outbound and selling names for under $500 or is it better to stick to inbound and focus on buyers with budgets in the $1,500 price range?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton