Third Edition of My eBook Launches November 15th – Special Offer This Week Only!

I can’t believe that after all this work it’s actually going to happen, but it is – next week I will be releasing the third edition of my popular eBook. This version has been almost completely re-written so it really is an entirely new book. In the book I cover both forms of Domain Flipping both with and without websites. I also go-into more detail about monetization and SEO than I ever have before.

Initially I had planned to release the third edition as a physical book but decided to keep it as an eBook for now to make distribution easier. I will be listing the book for sale on the Amazon Kindle store though so all you Kindle and iPad users can easily access the book.

So I decided to run a special that’s only good for this week. I am offering one last chance to buy the 2nd edition of my eBook at 50%-off. This will also entitle you to the 3rd edition for only $10. If you’ve already purchased my eBook don’t worry – that applies to you as well, anyone that bought the second edition of my eBook can upgrade to the third edition for only $10.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this deal just click the button below. Starting next week you will be unable to buy the second edition any more and the third edition will begin selling for $59.99 – this is your chance to get the third edition for only $10 while enjoying the second edition at 50%-off.

As usual all of my writing projects take MUCH longer to complete than I initially plan. The second edition of my book has helped countless Domainers get started in the industry and the third edition will help people not only get started but take their business to the next level! Below are just a few of the comments I received from readers about the second edition of my book:

Domain Flipping is a must read for any beginners trying their hand in  the domaining world.  This book will help cut your learning curve!!  It  gives a lot of great information and helps new domainers learn the  fundamentals, in turn, giving them a foundation to build upon.  What I  love the most is that Morgan isn’t trying to make you believe you’ll  become a millionaire overnight.  Instead, you can apply the principles  you learn to create a long term steady stream of income. You’ll be  gaining insight into what he has done to manifest his own success in  this field.  I highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn how to buy  and sell domains reads this first!!
Chef Patrick(

“Morgan’s book is a very in-depth and reputable resource for the art of domain flipping.  Morgan has proved himself to be an expert on this subject and his broad knowledge shines through in his book.”
Sean Stafford – Author, Domain Graduate

“Prior to buying this book I had heard a little about flipping  domains but was unsure about how to get started. I bought this book just  out of  curiosity and once I began reading it I really understood the principles  behind domain  flipping, and what people look for in a domain. This is a great book and  with a little work one can definitely make money.”
Syed Sameer – Director,

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton