Think You Started Domaining Too Late? Think Again. Why Sedo’s .ME Auction Represents Another Opportunity To Get In Early


I’ve heard it over and over again and frankly speaking, it’s just not true. What I’m talking about is new investors complaining that it’s too late to get started in Domaining, often followed by, “all the good domains are taken.” I hear this the most from new investors that for some reason have stayed laser-focused on blindly hand-registering domains they think sound good. I typically respond to emails like this with examples of why it’s absolutely not too late, but I always emphasize that with the wrong strategy you’ll miss-out on just about every opportunity out there.

One great example of opportunities that are available right now that won’t be available a year or two from now are events like the Sedo .ME auction that kicked-off this week. The .ME registry is auctioning off 188 .ME domains all with reserves under $500. If you look at some of the big sales going on in the .ME then you’d realize what an incredible opportunity this auction represents. Just last year three Domainers spent less than $6,000 between the three of them (yes, less than $2,000 each) and walked away with over $100,000 each with the sale of for $450,000.

Good one and two word .ME domains are seeing plenty of traction in the startup space, here’s a few examples from this year:

  • sold for 11,500 EUR (~$15,000) just last month
  • sold for just north of $5,000 in April as well
  • sold for $8,200 less than two months ago
  • sold for $8,800 three days before sold
  • sold for $17,450 a little over a month ago
  • sold for $25,000 in early March

These are solid sales and show the incredible value premium .ME’s have in the market. The auction going on right now is 188 premium .ME’s – this is another one of those opportunities. Now two years from now all the good .ME’s might be taken, the question is, did you buy one, two, or ten when you had the chance?

You can read more about my picks for the auction and if you’re ready to make some bids yourself you can join in the action at

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton