There a new Domaining blog in town – welcome NZ Domainer!

It’s not all that often that we get a new blogger joining the domain blogging scene, but when it happens, I definitely get excited about it. The blogs that I enjoy the most are always those written by people who are interested in sharing their journey and that’s exactly what NZ Domainer is planning on doing.


Adrian is the name of the guy writing the blog, and like the title says – he was successful at investing in country code domains and is now making the move to .COM. I really like his most recent post titled, Did I just screw up my first .com Domain Investment? I’m digging Adrian’s writing style, it is detailed and approachable – makes me feel like I’m sitting down having coffee with the guy.

What I think is going to make this blog particularly unique is the fact that he’s bringing us along as he starts investing in .COMs, which means we get a front row seat to seeing someone build a portfolio from scratch. The decisions involved in building up a portfolio are interesting and Adrian is giving us a front row seat which is pretty awesome IMO.

Now of course you might be wondering by now, jeez Morgan, you really seem to like this guy’s blog – how much is he paying you? Adrian is not a sponsor and I don’t think I’ve ever met him before…instead I just love the community we have in the Domaining world and when I see someone sharing their journey and contributing, I want to say “hello!” and “thanks!”

Welcome Adrian – I am looking forward to following your adventures in Domaining!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton