The Top 100 Domaining Blogs – Revealed!! has created a list of the top 100 Domaining blogs and I’m excited to say that I’m currently #18! It’s about time someone made a list of the top Domaining blogs and a great thing about this one is that it updates daily so there will definitely be some nice friendly competition going on 🙂

While it is hard to decide which metrics are best to determine what really makes a “top” blog, I think they’ve done a pretty good job of using the data available to generate a meaningful list.

Here is the current top 20 Domaining blogs. I’ll try to re-publish the top 20 once a week for those that just want to have a weekly update!

  1. Domain Tools Blogs
  2. ICANN Blog
  3. Afternic DLS
  4. NameDrive Blog
  5. DNJournal
  6. Domain Name Wire
  7. Dotsauce
  8. Elliot’s Blog
  9. The Domains
  10. Chef Patrick
  11. mobiForge
  12. Domain Name News
  13. Blog
  14. Domain News
  15. DotWeekly
  16. Rick’s Blog
  17. Rick Latona
  19. Bruce Marler
  20. Frager Factor

I can honestly say I really like all the blogs in the top 100 and think I read almost every one of them on a pretty regular basis. That being said – the top 40 or so definitely get the most reads from me.

Hey – we all blog because we love talking about this industry but it will be fun to watch these rankings change over time! Let me know if you agree with the rankings or feel free to submit your own top 20 list to share with everyone else!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton