The one video everyone should watch if they want to know what Machine Learning is


As the co-founder of a company with Machine Learning at its core I spend a lot of time explaining Machine Learning (ML) to people. While I have tried to really hone my approach to explaining machine learning in two minutes – the reality is, you need more time to truly understand ML, even the fundamentals.

I often tell people – “if you want to do a deeper dive into machine learning without writing any code, watch this,” and I send them a link to the video below.

So if you want to go beyond the buzzword and actually understand the basics of machine learning watch this video. If you want to take it a step further I highly recommend Data Camp to learn how to write code that does everything you learned in the video below.

Oh and fun fact, is owned by my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon…and it’s safe to say they could put a little more love into the UX…

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton