The Reader Survey Results Are In!

Last week I took a survey on my blog asking readers to share their feedback on a number of different areas. I was very interested to understand which topics where most interesting to my readers and which topics bored them (or you) to death. I was also interested in understanding if there was a particular time of day and number of posts that people preferred.

The results for this survey have been incredibly helpful and allowing me to stay focused on what is of the most interest to my readers. At the end of the day whether your running a blog, a bike shop, or a Fortune 500 company understanding your customers is critical to improving over time. So here they are – the results, keep reading to learn how I’m applying this feedback to the blog – that’s right, as Dr. Frasier Crane would say, “I’m listening”


So what were my main learning from this survey and how will it change my blog?

  • It is clear that Domain Development is the topic my readers enjoy the most. I’ve been all over the place this year from development to SEO, to startups. Time to get focused and give the people what they want. Going forward you’ll find a majority of my content to be focused on Domain Development. Don’t worry, I’ll still be talking about the other topics I’m passionate about but I’ll be giving Domain Development it’s rightful fair share of focus. My Domain Development 101 post is a good example of the direction I’m going in and based on the feedback I received on that post I feel confident I’m moving in the right direction!
  • It is also clear that nobody wants to hear me talk about venture capital deals. It was quite surprising to see that this was the most disliked topic but I hear you loud and clear and posts about venture capital and companies raising millions of dollars will be few and far between going forward.
  • Posting once a day, in the morning. This year I’ve gone back-and-forth between doing one or two posts a day, and picking the right time of day to post. Based on the feedback I’ve received it looks like one really solid post in the morning is better than two posts throughout the day. I looked back ay my analytics data and you I can see in the traffic patterns as well, days with one really good post do better than those with two pretty good posts.
  • It might be time to start selling developed sites on my blog. I’ve been thinking of this one for a while, what about selling some developed websites on my blog. I could verify all the stats myself and make sure that only fully legitimate and valuable sites are listed for sale. Since this is a space I’m passionate about and very active in I think it might be a great feature to add. I’d ask what you think…but you already told me and 78.4% is a good indication that there’s an interest here.

I would like to give a huge “Thank You” to everyone who took my survey. As a reader of my blog you should always feel free to give feedback and let me know what I can do to make my blog better. I’m in this for the long haul folks. My goal is to still be running this blog twenty years from now and bringing all of you along for the adventure. I’m coming-up on my blog’s four year anniversary in October – it’s been an incredible ride and I look forward to the decades ahead. As always (and it should go without saying now) – comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton