The Leaders Are Sharing! Are You Listening?

Rick Schwartz, Howard Neu, and Frank Schilling – three major leaders in the Domaining industry are sharing a wealth of information for FREE on their blogs, and lately it’s reached a new level! I doubt there is any industry where the leaders are so transparent – do you think Steve Jobs would write a blog post being as transparent as these three are? I doubt it. Could you imagine the leaders of Wall Street sharing detailed advice direct from their own experiences for free on their blogs?

Last time I checked it costs about $100,000 to have lunch with Warren Buffet…and you can have lunch with the leaders in our industry for about 1/100th of that at TRAFFIC Miami in October, oh and you’ll get an entire conference, food, drinks, networking, great speakers – the works! Aren’t we a bit spoiled?

I get so many emails from beginners trying to get started on the right foot, usually with portfolios full of pigeon shit. I say the same thing every time, we have one of the most transparent industries out there. If you want to learn from the most successful people in the industry they are busy teaching completely for free on their blogs. I learn from every single one of these posts and am sure I’ll learn from all their future posts – are you?

So I thought I’d share some of my favorites from the last couple of weeks, if you haven’t read all of these, stop what your doing and read them. This kind of insight could very well change your business, your strategy, your outlook – or all of the above!

Rick Schwartz –, How to Sell a Domain Name Part 1

Frank Schilling –, Hot Tub Time Machine


Of course there’s plenty of other great posts on all three blogs so make sure these are on your list of daily reads. None of these blogs are sponsors of mine, they are instead blogs that have provided me with so many valuable lessons that I can’t go another day without writing a post like this to say, “Thank You!” Oh and of course if you aren’t listening you’re missing the boat!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton