The Great Debate: Selling Domains – Fixed Price vs. Make Offer

Yesterday I wrote a post about flipping a domain for over 300 times what I paid for it at a fixed price through Afternic. While you can never be unhappy with making over 300x your initial investment, in this case, I could have made a lot more since I had a buyer ready to buy at a much higher price.

This brought up the topic of listing your names at a fixed price vs. make offer. For years I have been a fan of listing your domains at a fixed price, however setting this price above what you think you could get for your domain. So if you had a domain you wanted to sell for $1,000, listing it for $2,000 or $3,000. While this might decrease your chance of selling it, I always feel that if the right buyer comes along, they’ll pay that price.

I don’t recommend listing every single domain in your portfolio at a fixed price, but if you’re like me and have close to 1,000 domains, you probably have about 900 that make sense to do this with based on my own experience. I keep my best names at Make Offer since I wouldn’t let these go for anything below the mid-five or low six-figure range.

I’ve stuck with this strategy for years and it’s helped me build a six-figure business in the domain space. Just to re-iterate, I don’t list all of my domains at a fixed price, but I do list most of them and the price I assign is typically over 100x what I paid for the domain which, in my opinion, is a price you should be happy with most of the time.

All of this being said, I am only one person, and I never think that my way of doing things is the only way. On top of that, I am always learning and tuning my own strategy and keep my mind and business very open to change so I’d love to hear what’s worked best for everyone else.

That’s my two cents, now I’d love to hear yours. Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton