The end of an era – DomainSherpa says goodbye, but don’t worry all 404 videos will live on


I was shocked to see one of the top posts on this evening. It was from DomainSherpa and it was titled, After Six Years and 404 Shows, DomainSherpa Bids Farewell. Honestly I thought this was joke at first, I couldn’t believe it. I know that a number of my readers aren’t completely plugged into the domain name world so to give a quick primer – DomainSherpa has been the go-to resource for domain names investors to learn from seasoned pros through video interviews. If you go to a domain conference you’ll find Michael Cyger, the shows host is a bit of a celebrity and it’s safe to say he’s helped to inspire countless new domain name investors.

Earlier this year Michael had thought about scaling DomainSherpa up and was on the lookout for a producer to join the team but after thinking about it deeply he decided he was ready to take a different path.

“In July I posted an open position for a Producer of DomainSherpa. Eight motivated and highly qualified professionals submitted video applications and completed their first round of interviews. They are very impressive.
But as I spoke with these applicants – each eager to take on a new role – I realized that I too was ready to try something new. Delegating some of the responsibilities of the show to a producer was not enough.
It is time for me to move on from domain name publishing.”
(Source – DomainSherpa)

I have really enjoyed Michael’s interviews over the years and have learned a lot from them myself. I can’t say I’ve seen all 404 of them so now that there aren’t new videos coming out I might finally be able to catch up!

That being said I can’t say that I’m not a little sad tonight, the DomainSherpa show has been an amazing resource and something I guess I’ve just assumed would be around forever. It’s like DNJournal, I can’t really imagine a world without it, it’s become ingrained in the community, a staple. One of the most impressive things about Michael is that he started, built, and sold a successful business in the Six Sigma space before diving into the domain world. When he does something he does it well, and it was awesome to see him build a top notch resource in the domain world…so something tells me whatever he does next, it’s going to be a home run.

Also, all the DomainSherpa videos will stay up and continue to live on as will Michael’s domain investing course, DNAcademy. So it’s not really goodbye, but instead the opportunity to continue to learn from an incredibly vast library of content that is going to continue to be relevant for a long time. Thanks Michael, your videos will definitely be missed, but I’m very excited to see what you’re doing next and since we have a history of having lunch and catching-up at NamesCon, I think it’s safe to say – I’ll see you in Vegas!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton