The Domain Startup Summit is coming to Santa Monica


In just over two weeks the first ever Domain Startup Summit will kick-off in the heart of Silicon Beach, Santa Monica. The conference combines two worlds that are so closely intertwined, domain names, the core of an online brand, and startups, the companies building the brands themselves.

So who came up with the idea for a conference that combines domain names and startups?

Jason Thompson and Dwayne Walker, two people who have strong experience in both spaces and know how to bring these two communities together. Jason is the founder of the Southern California Domainer Meetup and an active member of the LA startup community and Dwayne has been a top executive in the domain space and is an angel investor himself.


The agenda is packed with sessions ranging from Growth Hacking and Growth Engines for startups, to Startup Fundraising 101 to a Shark Tank style Pitchfest with live pitches from LA startups.

I am honored to be a part of the event and you can see me in the Angel Investor Fireside Chat and as a judge for the Pitchfest. Early bird pricing for the event ends in less than three days so if you’re thinking about coming to the event, now is the time to buy your ticket.

Hope to see you there!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton