The domain extension .GAMES is now available for anyone to register


Today registrars around the world made .GAMES available to the public and it looks like gamer and game developers are jumping on the opportunity.

“Lots of big brands are validating the value of .GAMES domains, too. With 368 applications coming in during the recently closed Sunrise phase—making it one of our most applied-for TLDs to date—brands like Nintendo, EA, Blizzard, Apple, Major League Baseball, and many others are already interested in their .GAMES domains. Several strong, generic keyword pairings with .GAMES have also already sold, with Racing.GAMES, Math.GAMES, Free.GAMES, and others being quickly snapped up.” (Source – Rightside Blog)

I’m going to pick up a few .GAMES domains myself, nothing too crazy but as you all know I’m a VR nut and I do think that the VR/AR space online is going to grow like crazy over the next five years. Here’s a quick look at the projections for the global games market, with an 8.8% CAGR it’s one of the fastest growing industries right now:


While I do think it’s too early to know if a .GAMES domain will have any investment value, it’s a space poised for growth and an industry that has found its home online. With big brands like Nintendo, EA, Blizzard, etc. buying .GAMES domains something tells me this is a market that has been waiting for its own TLD.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton