The Clock Is Ticking! Submit Your Domain To’s Best Newsletter Yet!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you know that Francois from is putting-together his best newsletter yet which will go out on January 9th. Well, the clock is ticking and today is the last day to submit domains for inclusion in this newsletter. Partnering with DomainState, DNForum, and AcornDomains this newsletter will get the most eyes it has ever seen!

On top of this, Francois is going to be sharing the profits with Domain Bloggers. This is an incredibly generous way to start-off 2012 and I wanted to make it public that any money I receive will be going to the charity of my readers choice. That’s right, after this is all said and done I’ll take a poll and let all of you pick which charity will receive the money! There really is no better way to turn something positive like this into something positive to those less fortunate than all of us.

So make sure you submit a great name to the Newsletter today, that’s right today! Don’t wait and miss-out on this incredible opportunity and the chance to get your name in front of more potential buyers than ever before. So stop what you’re doing right now, and submit you domain now. No really, stop reading this and get over there!

(Photo Credit: H is for Home on Flickr)

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton