The cheesy domain name video awards have arrived – help me pick a winner

Domain Video Awards

While I’m always a fan of successful domain investors sharing their secrets to success, I’m less of a fan of people who don’t know much about the industry who create videos talking to people about how easy it is to make money with domain names. I have been buying and selling domain names for over ten years now, it is incredibly hard, I lost over $10,000 learning the ropes when I started, and I’m definitely still learning every day. Domain Investing isn’t an easy way to make money, in fact I tell most people domain investing is actually an easy way to lose money, it takes years to master, and requires an incredible amount of patience.

Still, it’s the Internet, and anyone can make a video about anything, so there is always a steady influx of new “how to get rich with domain names” videos that get added to You Tube each year. So I decided it was time to give credit where credit is due and pick a winner for the cheesiest domain name video of 2018. It’s up to you to who will win, the nominations are:

Cheesy Video #1

Cheesy Video #2

Cheesy Video #3

Okay, it’s your turn to vote – which of these three videos should win cheesiest domain name video of the year?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton