The Best Day And Time To Publish A Blog Post

So you have a great idea for a blog post, it’s 11:00PM and you’re downing Mountain Dew and pounding on your keyboard like a maniac. You’re inspired, it’s brilliant, you hit publish and, crickets. Well you happen to be on the West Coast so 11:00PM for you is 2:00AM for the folks on the East Coast. Also it’s a Monday night which means that not many people on the East or West Coast are up reading your blog.

While you could do a bunch of experiments yourself, many people already have. Of course this can vary by niche but in general Tuesday and Wednesday are the highest traffic days for blog posts, and between 9:30AM EST – 11:00AM EST is the sweet spot.

ProBlogger did a survey of over 1,400 blog readers and published some interesting data, here’s a look at when people typically read his blogs posts:


(Image Source –

As you can see the morning wins, and as the day goes on, less people read. This makes sense if you think about it. In the morning people start their days and read the news, blogs tend to fall into this category. So if you post that masterpiece at 11:00PM, you’ll end-up with the smallest number of readers.


(Image Source –

One last data point that I think is interesting to share highlights the importance of posting frequency. People look to blogs for their daily news updates. Posting at least once a day means getting a lot more link love and traffic. The data in the above chart was taken 1,000 popular blogs on Technorati so looks at a broad range of blogs and niches.

Like most things in life, timing matters and with blogging Tuesday and Wednesday mornings are primetime for posts. So get inspired, write your masterpiece, just make sure to share it with your readers when most of your readers are reading.

Note: It is absolutely critical to note that this is a very US-centric look at this data. This will change from country-to-country and if you are outside of the US I highly recommend you look at data that will be meaningful to your region. Posting at 9:00AM EST isn’t going to get you a lot of readers if that is 10:00PM where you are.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton