The Appraisals are in!

Always great to end a Friday with a fresh batch of domain appraisals…especially when they are good!

I had four domains appraised by Afternic, the appraised values are below. – $1,400 – $7,000 – $1,500 – $900

This yields a total of $10,800! If this isn’t a call for celebration I don’t know what is! I’m going to head over to now and adjust my selling prices accodingly. I will most likely run, and as featured listings to ensure they get enough traffic to find a buyer.

I’ll give a bit of history about these domains so you can better understand why I choose to invest in them. – This just came to me one day and sounded catchy – like a good title for a digital music news site. I flipped this domain in about 6-hours giving it a brand-new website and listings in all major search engines. I gave it some initial traffic with Google adwords as well (about $50/worth – 112 clicks). My total investment in this domain was $5.99 registration + $50.00 marketing = $55.99. Total Profit = $1344.01. Or – if you want to look at it in $/hour that would be roughly $225/hour – take that Lawyers! – One of my earliest domains. This domain inspired me to keep investing in domain names. I didn’t think this would be available. When it was I bought it right-away. I’ve been building-up its traffic and search engine ranking however it still has a google pagerank of 0. The domain has been used for a number of different sites since the name is so general. This is a great appraisal and just shows how sometimes it is all just in a name! – Ripe for the taking – this name had obvious investment potential. I was actually surprised I was able to get it. This has some flip potential so I may flip the name and get it re-evaluated. – This domain is an example of an idea I had that never was. I thought it would be cool to have a webmail site formatted for the Treo – make it easier for Treo users without Outlook to do email. I’m not really sure the idea is worth pursuing but buying the domain certainly was. I bought the name for $5.99 and have put absolutely no time, energy, or money in it since then. Let’s suppose it took me a whole 10 minutes of time to buy the name. This is a fun one to calculate the hourly rate on…we’ll just call it $800/hour – take that high-priced Lawyer!

I’m not attacking laywers here and if I could actually make $800/hour for 40-hours a week life would be a lot different. What I am illustrating is the kind of return you can get with domain investing. It really is the real estate market of the future. I think of .cc and .ws domains as newly discovered land that is yet to be fully populated. As more and more people move-in, the values go up. So I’m ever-focused on finding my Beverly Hills within the .cc and .ws world and buying-up as much real estate as possible.

Great news to start-off the weekend, just another day in the life of a Domain Flipper!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton