My first article!

I decided it was time to start spreading some of what I’ve learned about Domain Flipping to the masses. I realized that there are very few *free* sources of information on Domain Flipping on the Internet. There are a few e-books that promise to make you rich in just a few hours a week – but we all know this is not true. Domain Flipping takes patience – certainly not a way to get rich quick – but a great way to make some very profitable investments.

I have submitted the article to be reviewed by Helium ( which is a great website full of articles written by experts all over the world. Hopefully it will be accepted on Helium. For now you can find it on a few different sites online – here is a link to one of them:

This has been a good week with getting a nice amount of traffic on both Sedo and Afternic. My featured Sedo listing has received 97 visitors! My Afternic listing has received 37 – still not too shabby. In this case it looks like Sedo is much better at generating traffic to a listing. I’m not going to make any recommendations one way or another until I have more experience with Afternic.

This weekend I will have new evaluations from Afternic of three of my domains I am currently selling:, (very recent flip), and It will be interesting to see Afternic’s appraisal and satsifying to have the little "A" icon next to my listing highlighting that the domain is appraised.

I should have the appraisals back from Afternic by Saturday so will update then with the latest appraisals. I’m hoping to sell one of these next week so this appraisal is crucial. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton