The 2010 Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong – Red Carpet Exclusive!

Okay – I have to start this post by saying “Wow” – last night was far and beyond one of the best experiences of my life. Dot Asia made the entire experience incredible and I think I’ve developed an entirely new understanding of the Asian entertainment world where .Asia is a key extension.

I’ll elaborate more in a future post but suffice it to say that I have a much better understanding of this TLD and the incredible potential it has in a region with such an outstanding entertainment industry!

I was covering the event with a number of other bloggers from around Asia – the two that I spent most of the night with were Danny Choo and Francis Onda. Danny Choo runs one of the most popular blogs in Japan – you may know him as he’s been known to walk around Tokyo wearing a Stormtrooper outfit. Francis Onda has a popular blog as well and writes for CNET Asia too! We left for the awards ceremony at around 4:30 – since the red carpet was starting at 6PM we wanted to make sure to get there early.

Our first mission upon arrival was to find the best place to film/photograph the red carpet. Danny quickly figured-out that if we walked to the from of the red carpet we could actually walk on the red carpet itself and thus put ourselves on the same side of the fence as the stars. Most of the press was stuck behind a metal fence – we were on the red carpet in the very middle where the stars get on stage for a photo opp and quick interview.

It was great to see film stars from all over Asia come together for the event and filming on the red carpet was like a dream come true – and one more thing I can check-off my bucket list!

I won’t be able to share this footage until I get back to Los Angeles as I can’t properly edit and upload the videos here. When I get back to LA though you can expect to see some exclusive footage from the event that you really can’t see anywhere else!!

At one point I was filming and then Donatella Versace appeared on the red carpet followed by the cast of Bodyguards and Assassins which had the fans going crazy! In fact I was able to follow them down the red carpet and continue filming since I too was on the red carpet! It was great to see all the fans at the event – they came with bright LED signs, cameras, and gave me a good indication of how famous someone was based on the loudness of their screams!

After the Red Carpet we made our way into the Awards show where I found another pleasant surprise – we were sitting in the same area as the actors and actresses! The award show was AMAZING – it inspired me to add about twenty movies to my must-see list!

It was incredible to be at an awards show like the Oscars (this is the Oscars of Asia) and see it all from the vantage point of the stars themselves. Danny and I both had to stay alert since when the cameras would pan onto an actor, actress, director, etc. we were oftentimes in the background of the shot!

The Awards show was very well-done and I’m sure the entire organization is thrilled with the results. The film “Mother” from South Korea won Best Picture and Best Actress – put this on your list of movies to see!

Lu Chuan won Best Director for City of Life and Death and Wang Xueqi – definitely one of the fan-favorites won Best Actor for his role in the Hong Kong film Bodyguards and Assassins.

Sounds pretty amazing right? Well it got even better. After the event we were able to attend the after-party with all of the stars. The party was amazing – very crowded at first and then after about an hour we all got some breathing room. I met a group of reporters there – one was from Hungary, one was from Croatia, and the other from Paris. This is one of the great things about Hong Kong – it is such an International city and the perfect spot for the awards!

So that’s the quick summary of the night – I will be following-up next week on the event with all of the great photos and videos I took so get ready to enjoy an exclusive view from the Red Carpet at the Asian Film Awards.

Well – it’s 7:55AM on Tuesday morning in Hong Kong – I have a whole day ahead of me and then tomorrow – I’m off to Macau! Stay-tuned for more updates of my adventures in Hong Kong along with my the great epiphanies I had last night about .Asia – there is a real investment opportunity here and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

As I write this post I am sitting in my window seat that juts out from the 24th floor of the hotel – facing the Hong Kong harbor! Wish you were here – just look at the photo below then close you eyes – welcome to Hong Kong!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton