Hong Kong Today – Macau Tomorrow!

Today was my second day in Hong Kong and I can confidently say I’m fairly  certain I packed just about everything I could into a single day!

In the morning I checked-out of my hotel and moved to the other side of  Hong Kong in an area called Western. I like this area because it is not  frequented by tourists and definitely considered more of a locals spot.  When I travel I really enjoy being part of the everyday life wherever I  am and I thought staying in Western would bring me one step closer to  life in Hong Kong!

After checking-into the hotel I headed over to Kowloon (TST to be exact –  for those who know Hong Kong) to meet with Attila – a fellow domain  investor who lives in China.

Before I met Attila I had time to do some shopping in Mon Kok which is  one of the best places in the world to buy just about anything! I was in  shoe-shoppign mode as a want to surprise my girlfriend with a nice array  of shoes from the trip…however since she does read my blog I guess my  surprise might not be that well, um, surprising!

Next I got fitted for a brand-new suit that will be ready on Thursday.  This is one thing I LOVE about Hong Kong. You can by a fine Italian suit  that would go for well over $2,000 in the US all for under $500! They are  perfectionists here and if you come to Hong Kong make sure to get the  suit of your dreams!

Attila and I enjoyed a great sushi lunch while talking domains, Asia,  business, etc. Thanks Attila for making the trip over here to meet me for  lunch – I hope to see you in Los Angeles or next time I come-out to  China!

After lunch I met-up with Pavan from Dot Asia and we headed-over to the  convention center to check-out a film convention going-on today following  the Asian Film Awards. It’s been great getting to know Pavan and he’s  just another great example of the phenomenal team Dot Asia has put  together!

In the evening I met with Edmon, the CEO of Dot Asia. He is one of the  most inspired, hard-working people I have ever met and I look forward to  sharing the interview I did with him at DOMAINfest with all of you next  week. His passion for the industry shows in everything he does and with  him at the helm of Dot Asia I think we’re all in for something special!

To end the day I headed to a local noodle house to grab my favorite Hong  Kong meal – spicy noodles with beef! Yum! Like I said – I like to live  like a local so try to stay-away from the big touristy restaurants as I’d  rather sit elbow to elbow with other noodle-lovers like myself as we  enjoy our dinner together!

Now I did my best to make it an early night but ended-up spending about  three hours in my hotel room doing emails and attempting to fix my flaky  Internet connection in the hotel. I felt a bit like the Internet  connection was mocking me – every time I would finish an email it would  disconnect, only to re-connect me when I wasn’t looking! Oh well – all  part of travel – it’s never going to be perfect…but you can make the  best of just about any situation!

Okay time for bed – tomorrow morning I wake-up, get on a ferry and head  to Macau!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton