Taking Domain Punch for a spin

Over the years I’ve tried a handful of different solutions for managing my domain names but always find myself going back to a good old spreadsheet. It’s not that I haven’t found tools that offer something more than a spreadsheet can, it’s that I usually can’t customize things the way I’d like which means that I miss tracking information that’s important to me.

I’ve always known that a better solution should exist since updating a spreadsheet is pretty darn manual, but I also only have hundreds, not thousands of domain names so it’s still very possible. Also there’s some things that just don’t change much for me like nameservers since I’m not changing these more than once or twice a year if that.


I’m going to be taking Domain Punch Pro for Windows for a spin for the next month. While the creators of Domain Punch do have Mac software, it’s another solution called “Watch My Domains” which also looks pretty handy but doesn’t seem as full featured as Domain Punch Pro.

Oh and just to be clear, I’m not being paid to write about Domain Punch, they aren’t a sponsor, and I’m not being paid to write this article. Every year I’m just always keeping my eyes open and looking for ways to organize and manage my domain names more efficiently.

I’m interested to know if any of my readers have tried Domain Punch before or any similar solutions that have worked well for them? Or maybe you’re like me and you have a spreadsheet that keeps getting new “features” every year…

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton