Sunday reading – five articles you might have missed last week


So I don’t know about you but Sunday is usually a pretty low key day for me. I don’t typically don’t make any big plans on Sunday and really use it as a day to catch up on things I might not have had the chance to do during our typical ultra-busy work week. One of the things I’ve gotten in the habit of doing on Sunday afternoon is reading some of my favorite blogs and going through articles I missed during the week.

Since I’m doing this anyway I thought I might as well share these with all of you since there’s a good chance that if you read my blog, you’ll probably like some of the other blogs that I myself read. So if you’re looking for some Sunday reading, here’s five articles that are on my radar for today:

  1. Magic leap raised another $461M (read on Techcrunch) – I’m a huge fan of Magic Leap, since I believe that physical screens will go away in the future and AR will be how we view all content, I think they’re onto something big. I’m not alone since the company has now raised over $2.3B and they haven’t yet released a mass market product, wow!
  2. Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling (read on Aerogrammestudio) – I spotted this article on YC’s Hacker News and even though it’s from 2013, I love Pixar and am always looking for more ways to learn how they think about the world, and storytelling is a big part of where they really have some serious magic.
  3. Braden & Nat talk UDRP reform (read on – as you all know I am pretty passionate about UDRP reform. Elliot, publisher of shared a great video of Braden Pollock and Nat Cohen sitting down to chat about UDRP reform at NamesCon that is definitely well worth watching.
  4. Bitcoin hits 2018 lows (read more on – the cryptocurrency world had a pretty tough go last week with Bitcoin hitting 2018 lows. Many people felt that a slew of bad news including a Mt. Gox trustee who apparently started freaking out and selling $400M in Bitcoin, yikes!
  5. These are still the early days of AI (read more on – as someone that runs an AI startup I’m always interested in understanding the AI landscape and where we are in the adoption timeline. One thing I can definitely tell you is that these are still the early days of AI and we still have a long and VERY exciting road ahead…but it’s easy to forget just how early those of us in the space all are.
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton