Sells for $10,000 on Flippa

Popular website sales marketplace Flippa closed a nice five-figure sale a little over a week ago with selling for $10,000. While the domain name and product might sound a bit ridiculous, it’s a real niche and a real problem that people have. I don’t personally suffer from this problem…but I know a number of people who do. You probably do too, you know those people who seem to always be sweating?

Yes it’s a real problem, and like most somewhat embarrassing problems, people tend to like to search-out solutions online. The site owner has written an eBook called “Beat your sweating Demons” that sell for $37 a copy. The eBook itself also has affiliate links in it so revenue comes from both eBook sales and affiliate sales through links clicked by readers.


The site owner has done some nice SEO work to get the site ranking well for some of the top terms related to sweating problems. Sure, we all know there’s money in credit, debt, insurance, etc. however it can be all too easy to forget that there are literally thousands of niches just like this that you’d probably never think of.

The site gets 20,000 unique visitors/month and brings in $559/month making this a sale at around 17x monthly revenue. The auction itself brought in 18 bids from 10 different bidders.


This is yet another great example of a real site with real traffic and revenue selling for real money on Flippa. As a domain name itself I’d find it hard to believe this would even fetch $10 but with a real business on it the seller walks away $10,000 richer and the buyer gets to enjoy over $500/month of passive income.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton