Startups One Year Later – Food On The Table CEO Speaks at Startup Lessons Learned

Last year Manuel Rosso introduced a new idea at Startup Lessons Learned 2010 and today he comes back to talk about what he’s done over the last year. Manuel’s company is called Food On The Table that is revolutionizing the way that families buy groceries.

  • Came-up with the idea of concierge VIP, helping customers use the product through every step
  • The idea is that if a customer can’t get excited and understand how to use the system with someone walking them through it, then it could really never take-off
  • The challenge that they’ve had over the last year is going from the first few customers to the next 100,000
  • Big plans – reach the top chains in the 50 states, that’s 35,000 stores and over 1.5 million sales item – only three people on the team, how can they do it? They can’t!
  • Realized that for the MVP they only cared about one store – their grocery store
  • Building one store at a time to make this manageable
  • Now have over 13,000 stores and over 400,000 sale items
  • Started adding recipes and learned quickly it wasn’t about the number of recipes but the right recipes
  • Pay attention to your customers!
  • What is obvious might be starting you in the face
Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton