Startup Weekend Los Angeles Recap – Part 3

I hope you’ve enjoyed my recap of Startup Weekend Los Angeles so far, now it’s time to dive-into the team presentations and take a look at these incredible entrepreneurs in action. There are two parts to the presentation portion of Startup Weekend. Groups are allowed five minutes to present what they created over the weekend. There’s a lot to cover and judges want to understand what problem they are solving, if they were able to complete any customer development (and the results of that), your business model (how do you make money? Is there a real market here?) and of course a live demo of the product.

After entrepreneurs present their company the judges provide feedback and ask questions. For me, this is one of the most valuable facets of startup weekend since it is a rare opportunity to understand how investors think, and what’s important to them. Below are a few videos to give you a taste of the presentations and judges feedback:

(Catc# Tags Presents at Los Angeles Startup Weekend)

(Votobooth Presents at Los Angeles Startup Weekend)

(Judges feedback for Votobooth Presents at Los Angeles Startup Weekend)

I still have lots more to share from Startup Weekend Los Angeles! Somehow I thought I could fit this all in 3 parts, but I was wrong, we’re going to part 4 and 5 at the very least! Stay tuned!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton