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Hello, happy Friday, and for all of my readers in the US I hope you had a great 4th of July! I know that many people in the US are making this a long weekend, if this is you, stop reading my blog and go outside, it’s summer, just email this article yourself and take a look on Monday.

Still here? Okay, well then let’s get to it, below are some of the startups making news and the domains they’re using.

Fluc ( – there’s a new local food delivery service in Silicon Valley, it’s called Fluc, and IMO it’s not the best name for a brand, sounds too much like F$*k. I can’t imagine this sounding right if you’re trying to tell someone the name of the company over loud music.

Aviate ( – started by some ex-Googlers now with $1.8M cash in the bank after a successful seed round last September. Aviate makes a homescreen replacement for Android an just released a new smartphone interface that actually adapts to your surroundings, pretty cool stuff and definitely a good candidate for since GetAviate is going to get old pretty quickly.

Dakwak ( – you might not think of Jordan as a hot market for startups, but in the Middle East, it is. Dakwak is rocking it and making waves with their translation and localization platform.

Roamz (now – Australian startup Roamz has deadpooled and restructured under the name Local Measure now up and running on Yes, you don’t need to say it, it’s pretty darn obvious they’ve taken taken a big step backwards when it comes to branding, I definitely liked Roamz more. They should definitely get as is pretty weak. – you may not have heard of Latvian startup, but they are growing, and fast. The Q&A platform now has 65 million users and is adding about 300,000 users a day, bam! As you know they can’t get, that’s already taken, but the .FM hasn’t held them back at all.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton