Someone’s dropping a ton of 3N .IO domains…and I’m not surprised

I was bidding on some domains tonight on when I noticed that someone is dropping a ton of 3N .IO domain names. Like the title of this post said, I’m not surprised. I too tested the 3L .IO and 3N .IO path and found it to be a scary and desolate place, just you and your domains, and nobody who wants to buy them.

It’s clear that someone else also tested the waters and likely found similar results given that they’re dropping all of them. It looks like they only held them for a year so they’re not out too much money but I’m sure there’s still a sting since .IO names come with a relatively heft reg fee.


I also see this as a good example of how easy it can be to trick yourself into thinking you have something valuable, when in reality you have, as Rick Schwartz would say – pigeon shit (pardon my French). It can be easy to see 3L and 3N .COMs selling for big bucks and thinking, well if I sell the .IO for a tenth of what the .COM sells for I’ll make a fortune.

The problem is, nobody wants to buy your 3L .IO or 3N .IO domain, not for a tenth of the .COM price, not for a hundredth, there just isn’t the demand.  Here’s my question, what extensions besides .COM and .NET do you think are a good bet for 3L and 3N domains? I’d say there aren’t many, but there are more than two, but I can tell you that the third isn’t .IO.

What do you think? Comment and let your voice be heard!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton