Someone registered back in 2011

Teleport yourself to Northeast Washington and you’ll find 28 year-old Jeremy Pegg who hand-registered back in 2011. Now he’s planning on cashing in on the domain but while he may have predicted the Democratic ticket, personally I don’t think he struct gold on this domain name.

That being said rather than letting it sit dormant, Pegg decided to put a website on the domain and make use of the natural traffic it was getting.

So what’s on the website now?

If you guessed “homemade comics about the election” then you would be correct. Pegg picked the domain years ago because he said Obama was looking at Kaine before he picked Biden so he knew his name was on the table for future VP picks.

This isn’t Pegg’s first foray into the political domain name space, last year he sold for $1,500. While I think Pegg could likely get more than $1,500 for this domain I don’t think he’ll hit the jackpot as much as some people might think.

What do you think? Is Pegg on his way to a record sale or does Hillary already have all the domains she needs?

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton