Some startups prefer .IO to .COM


The day has come, and while .COM is still without a doubt the undisputed king and the domain that I would say most startups prefer, this weekend I encountered a startup that told me they’d rather have a .IO than a .COM. As someone that sells a fair share of my domain names to startups, I get emails from founders all the time either asking me to help them buy a domain name or asking for a list of potential domains they could buy from my portfolio.

I would say that the vast majority of the time startups insist on .COM but lately I’ve been seeing this change and this weekend was a good example. I received an email from a startup in the IT space who told me they were looking for a .IO domain, when I asked them if they also wanted to see .COMs they responded by saying they actually preferred .IO since they were in the IT space.

Now I’m not saying to dump all your .COMs and buy .IO’s like it’s going out of style. Most of my investment dollars are still going into .COM, but I can tell you, the times they are a changing and we are going to see people look to the right of the dot more so than ever before.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton