Some parents are now picking a different baby name if the domain is taken

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Well here’s an interesting one that does a good job of illustrating what a pivotal role domain names play in our lives. Millenials are now opting for a different baby name if they find the domain name corresponding to their top choice name is taken.

One in five of 1,000 millennial parents canvassed in a recent survey said they had changed – or thought about changing – their baby’s name based on available internet domain names. (Source – South China Morning Post)

According to a survey done by Go Daddy, 7% of millennials have actually purchased the exact-match domain name for their child, before she/he is born. Now just to be clear, the article isn’t suggesting that nobody is going to be named Sarah or Dave since the .COMs are taken. The domains their are referring to is the combination of the first and last name.

What this does mean is that if you have a common last name, and domains matter to you, picking a baby name is going to be a bit more complicated.

It’s interesting because this is something that comes up in conversation quite a bit when I’m talking with someone and the conversation steers towards domain names. I’ll usually say, “do you own your If not you should get it now.” I’m always amazed at how few people I talk to happen to own their own domain, heck, if you don’t own a single domain and don’t plan to ever buy or sell domains, wouldn’t it still be worth $10/year to own your name on the Internet?

So if you’re reading this and suddenly realize, wait – I don’t own my own domain, go out and get it because a millenial could scoop up your name for their baby if you’re not fast enough 😉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton