Small Business Sunday: HootSuite Takes Twitter and Facebook To The Next Level

Twitter is making a major impact on businesses small and large but managing multiple Twitter accounts and giving multiple users access to accounts can be a bit clumsy using the standard web interface. Sure, we’ve all used TweetDeck however I can honestly tell you that life changes once you start using HootSuite. I’ve been using HootSuite for the last few months and honestly don’t know how I was able to live without it – it has made managing multiple Twitter accounts much, much easier.


What I like about HootSuite is that for businesses like mine where I have multiple people managing my Twitter accounts it is extremely easy to allow team members access to different accounts, dashboards, etc. If you only have one Twitter account I’m not sure you need a tool like HootSuite, however once you have two, three, four or more accounts a tool like Hootsuite becomes necessary.

Along with great tools for team management HootSuite has some great reporting tools that can allow you to take a snapshot of how effective your campaigns are running and get a good high-level view of your social media interactions.


Reporting is something I had never done before and it really changed the way I look at my Twitter accounts and the effectiveness of particular campaigns. When you are building a brand Twitter and Facebook are essential components and you can manage both through HootSuite so it’s not just for Twitter geeks. Since you should really have a separate Facebook Fan page for each brand you can manage both your Twitter and Facebook accounts in one place or assign them to any number of team members and monitor with in-depth reporting.

I am only scratching the surface of what you can do with HootSuite, I learn new things every single week and if you really want to leverage the power of social media marketing HootSuite is a must-use tool. Please note there are absolutely no affiliate links in here and HootSuite is not a sponsor, just a great example of a tool that has changed my business and I’m confident it will change yours!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton