Small Business Saturday: How To Save Money On Legal Fees

If you’re running a large company you might be lucky enough to have an in-house legal department, but small business owners are often faced with high fees when it comes to legal issues. The problem is that lawyers are expensive and this can oftentimes limit what you can do as a small business owner. Speaking from personal experience, I paid about $10,000 last year to conduct a patent search, then I found-out that there were services online that could provide the exact same result for under $500! That’s right, I paid twenty times what I had to and got the same result in the end.

So I wised-up and started to look-around for a cheaper option for legal services. I was excited to discover Legal Zoom, an online company providing legal services to small businesses. Along with offering services like LLC formation and Partnership Agreements they also offer a whole host of additional services that would normally costs thousands of dollars even with a cheap law firm. Legal Zoom offers very competitive pricing on Trademarks, Copyrights, and Patents.

LegalZoom Site

Now one of the biggest concerns that small business owners might have using a service like this is the quality of the services provided. Well you’ll be happy to know that Legal Zoom is run by real attorneys so you’re still getting expert advice and services, just at a fraction of the cost because it’s all happening online. Heck, in February of this year a Judge retired and picked Legal Zoom for incorporating his new company. If a judge with 21 years of experience picks Legal Zoom I feel more than safe using this in my own business. You can read more about this here.

Along with providing legal services at great prices Legal Zoom also has a great article library with tons of articles that can help you dig deeper and learn more about legal services that can help you grow and protect your business. So remember that Patent Search I paid $10,000 for? It’s $299 on Legal Zoom! If only I knew about this service last year. I started using Legal Zoom this year and can say that the service and support has been incredible. So if you’re ready to keep more of your hard-earned money Legal Zoom could just be your new legal department!

Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post. There are no affiliate links here, I am recommending this service because I use it myself and highly recommend it to other small business owners.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton