Should domain name blogs only talk about domain names?


So I wrote a post on Saturday about the overlap (or lack of overlap) between domain names and Bitcoin. Here’s the post, and if you scroll down you’ll see a pretty lively conversation going on. It looks like this is a pretty polarizing topic as some people agree with Rick and think Bitcoin and Domain Names are definitely linked, others agree with Konstantinos and think they are two very different beasts.

Of course, there are some people like RP who just think I’m an idiot, as evidenced in the comment below:

“I dont think you know anything about domains tbo. They are not made up of “1” and “0” to the consumer. They are consumer facing marketing assets. BTC does nothing for a business. Its just limited in quantity but has absolutely no value in (1) lowering your marketing costs (2) increasing your brand identity (3) increasing credibility and (4) allowing for an easy repeat visit.”

Yowza, sounds like a pretty angry dude. Oh well – he’s writing free content for my blog so I’ll take it, keep it coming!

Okay, so onto the topic at hand, or at least the topic I’m bringing up in the subject of this post. Should domain name blogs only talk about domain names. First, I’m glad I decided to built my blog on since I can write about whatever the heck I want to and you really can’t call me a domain blog, it’s my blog, boom!

Second, okay – so what about blogs like, or – these are all “domain blogs” but I’ve heard them all cover other things besides domain names. What do you think, should they stick to domains or venture out to other topics that their readers might like?

As you can probably tell from my tone in this post, I’m being a little sarcastic because this is all getting a bit ridiculous. It’s a free country, and we’re lucky to live in a free country where you can write about what you want to write about. I think blogs would be insanely boring if they could only talk about one hyper-focused topic. While I’d be annoyed if only wrote about Bitcoin, covering it every now and then is interesting to me, and probably interesting to a lot of other readers.

But that’s just my opinion and as you know, I’m just a guy writing a blog, and like RP said, I don’t know anything about domains, I just know how to put some words into this here WordPress thing. So what do you think? Should domain blogs stick to domains or is venturing into things like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency fair game?

I want to hear from you! Comment and let your voice be heard…even RT 😉

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton