Share Your Biggest Domaining Mistake

We all make mistakes, it’s part of life. In fact, if you look at some of the most successful people in business like Donald Trump, they have made many mistakes along the way. Last week I shared a recent mistake that I made while negotiating a $10,000 sale. On my blog I share my successes and my failures and I think that those out there who claim they have never made a mistake, are probably lying about their successes.

I have talked a lot about how I built a six-figure business in this space which allowed me to quit my day job last year. Without these mistakes I think I’d still be moving-along in five-figure territory, which is fine, except if you’re trying to replace a six-figure salary.

Since I know we all can learn a lot from each other I thought I would reach out to you, my readers, and give you the opportunity to share you biggest Domaining mistake with the community. If you don’ t want to use your real name or email address I won’t hold it against you and I won’t delete your comment. I am an incredibly public person and this has been both a good and bad thing for me so I completely respect if you’d like to keep your identity private.

So dip into your Domaining archives and share your biggest mistake with me and my readers!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton