Series A Saturday: Revolut raises $18.2M Series A


In 2015 the average size of a Series A round in the UK was $7.3M which makes the $18.2M A Round that Revolut just raised a real monster.  Like so many startups this didn’t happen overnight. Revolut raised two Seed Rounds, one in 2015 and a second earlier this year. The two Seed round approach vs. going from Seed straight to A Round is a growing trend and one that successful startups from Favor to Mattermark did to get where they are today.Based in London, Revolut is a way to instantly send and spend money globally. In just ten months the company has grown to 200,000 users and over $500M in transactions. Right now they’re bringing on around 1,500 new customers a day – look up “hockey stick growth” in the dictionary and you may as well just copy and paste Revolut’s KPIs there.


What makes this round unique is that along with the money from VC’s like Balderton Capital, Seedcamp, and Index Ventures, Revolut has also chiseled out 1M pounds for individual investors:

“The equity crowdfunding offer is poised to fill within seconds – if the Crowdcube servers can handle the load…  The offer on Crowdcube is on the same terms as the VCs that have already committed millions of pounds. The catch is that Revolut will rank users based on the number of in-app contacts. Those with the most contacts will get priority access to the official bid page after the 7-day pre-registration period has ended.” (Source –

Already over 10,000 people have expressed interest in investing with a whopping 16.8 million pounds ($22M USD) which means if they had really wanted to, Revolut could have raised a roughly $40M A Round.


Balderton Capital led the round and has been participating with the company alongside Seedcamp since their first seed round. So while on the surface this might look like an unusually high A Round for any market, once you dig into the details it’s clear why this round is so big, the numbers are there, and they’ve had a VC firm with close to $2.5B under management supporting them since the early days.Congrats to the whole team a Revolut, getting 200,000 users in ten months is no small task, here’s to the next 200,000!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton