Sedo – To Trust or Not to Trust

You have all heard my reviews of Sedo, Afternic, and Snapnames. Thus far I’ve had great experiences with both Afternic and Snapnames. Both of these services have reached-out to me and done everything they can to make my sales a success.

Recently I had a chance to speak with an account manager at Afternic (BuyDomains) who did an incredible job walking me through my domain pricing and working to optimize each of the domains I am selling through their service. I’m going to do a separate post on this but wanted to quickly say that I was very impressed with their service!

Snapnames as well has done a great job of making me feel like a valued client and they work with me over the phone to make sure I’m comfortable every step of the way.

Sedo, I’ve always found a bit clunky to use and with limited results. A while ago I ran a comparison between Sedo and Afternic. My "Featured Listing" Sedo auction received more hits than my Afternic auction but not a single interested buyer.

When I login to Sedo and try to make some basic changes to my domain it seems to always require a call to tech support. So, now I read that there is a big scandal involving Sedo and the domain The buyer of the domain wrote in to NamePros about it and I think everyone who uses (or is thinking of using) Sedo should have a read. This looks very fishy and makes me really think a bit more deeply about whether or not Sedo is a service I can trust.

As a blogger I am here to educate and inform without being overly biased. I am not saying that you shouldn’t use Sedo, but I do think that any domain investor should take a look at the link below and formulate your own opinion:

I’d be interested to hear people’s viewpoints on this as I think this is going to be a big issue for the next little while.

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Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton