Scam Alert: Double Dove Corporation CEO email spoofing scam


A scammer just tried to get us to transfer $19,200 to a bank account under the name of Double Dove Corporation at Bank of America. They spoofed their email address which is and made it look like the email came from someone within our company. It’s a pretty sneaking scam and here’s how it works.

The scammer spoofs the email address of the CEO or someone high up in a company and sends an email that looks something like this:

Transfer the amount of $19,200.00 Below are the informations email me the receipt after it has been sent. Bank of America Double Dove CorporationAddress: 101 Santa Monica BlvdSanta Monica, CA, 90401A/C# 325027862113R/T# 121000358 Thanks.

In a big company I could easily see an assistant seeing this email and thinking it was from their boss and transferring the money. In a startup like ours, this immediately looked weird since we’re not in the business of randomly wiring ~$20,000 to people or companies we’ve never heard of.Because I hate scammers so much, and I’m a Domainer I also took the liberty of buying and forwarded it to this blog post. I also called Bank of America and they are going to investigate the account, and I’m having Google do the same on the email address.So if you get an email that looks like it’s coming from someone in your company, asking you to send a bunch of money to a random bank account. Don’t do it. Oh and if you see this scam please share in the comment section here so we can put these scammers in their place.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton