Reflections On Valentines Day 2013


This post has nothing to do with domains, it has to do with something much more important, love. I’ll try not to get all mushy on you guys but at the same time, if you know me, you know I can get a bit mushy at times. Still, I thought, since this is my first valentines day as a married man and I’m a pretty public guy, now would be a good time to share why I am so thankful to have found Daina, my soulmate and the love of my life.

We can all so easily get wrapped up in our businesses, yet it is so important to take a step back on a day like today and appreciate what you have. I’m really going to keep this post short and sweet because we’re about to hop in a boat and head out on the open sea with a bottle of champagne and a tasty vegetarian lunch. So here it goes, three reasons why I am so thankful this valentines day:

Time – what I am so thankful for is the time that we get to spend together. As many of you know, or should know by now, Daina and I quit our full time jobs, (PhD in Daina’s case) and changed our lives forever. We now spend every single day and night together and it really is a dream come true. Some people have asked me what it is like spending all day every day with my wife, guess I married the right person because it is absolutely incredibly. When I was at Sonos I would be gone for weeks at a time, some of the people I traveled with were excited to get a break for their wife, I was never that way. I always wanted to have Daina with me on every adventure and always did everything I could to minimize the time I was away, but I was still gone a lot and missed her every minute I was away. I learned that life is too short to spend so much time away from someone you love. 
  • Adventure – Daina and I both have an incredible sense of adventure. We love exploring the world (together) and experiencing new things. Together we been to some incredible places and had some amazing adventures. There are many more to come and I know that we will always have fun exploring the world and taking both the good and the bad as part of the adventure.
  • Family – along with loving Daina, I also love her family. I have Sonos to thank for this because while I was traveling away from Daina, in many cases I was heading up to the great white north and visiting her family in Canada. After years of going to Toronto (where her Mom lives) and Vancouver (where her Brothers live) I really had the chance to spend good quality time with Daina’s family. I can tell you that I consider Daina’s Mom my 2nd Mom and Daina’s Brothers the Brothers that I never had. This isn’t one of those families where we only see each other on holidays and pretend to get along. We all have an amazing time together, it’s a great fit, and yes, we are all one big happy family!

That’s it for me, time to spend the rest of the day like I do every day, with Daina, only this time we’ll be on a boat rather than in front of a computer. Bon Voyage and happy Valentines day!

As always I’d love to hear from you, feel free to share your own valentines day reflections in the comment section below.

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton