One Quick + Free Way To Get Feedback On Your Site

There are a lot of paid services out there that will give you a comprehensive evaluation of your website. Being perfectly honest, most of the automated services are overcharging for something that can absolutely be done for free. Human evaluation services are still incredibly valuable and I highly recommend SiteTuners if you really want to take your site to the next level.

What you might not know is that Google’s Chrome browser actually has a completely free tool built-into it that will give you instant feedback on your site. I’m not quite sure why Google hide it away but once you know it’s there I think you’ll find it’s darn useful.


If you don’t recognize the panel above it’s probably because you haven’t had the chance to dig into Chrome’s developer tools. To access these simply select View -> Developer -> Developer Tools. Off to the far right you’ll see PageSpeed. In this free tool is recommendations you’ll often find in platforms that cost $99/month or more. Oh, and it’s from Google so you know they know their stuff, right?


Once you hit the big red “Start Analyzing” button you’ll see an overview showing your PageSpeed score and a list of suggestions organized by low, medium, and high priority. Yes, this is all free and it’s made by Google themselves, how cool is that, why the heck do they tuck it away?

You can get a lot of very useful feedback on your site and get a bit more insight into how Google sees your site. I’d say shoot for a PageSpeed score over 75, after that it’s just small tweaks. You’ll be surprised how many of your sites might be below 50 with less than an hour of changes needed to really optimize them.

Last but not least, you can of course also use this to spy on your competitors and figure out what they might be missing on their own site. Unless you’re #1 for your top keyword phrase there are people out there you’d like to outrank, this gives you a nice window into where you might be able to out-optimize them. Did I mention that it’s free and Google makes it?


Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton