Reflections on TRAFFIC Vancouver 2010

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m back in LA after a week in Vancouver at TRAFFIC. My mind is still racing from the excitement of the show so I thought what better to do than share my thoughts with all of you!

First I have to say that TRAFFIC Vancouver was a HUGE success and could not have been without the incredible efforts of Rick, Jodi, Jeremy, Eddy and the rest of the team. Everyone was working around the clock to make sure things ran smoothly and people had the maximum number of opportunities to share ideas and learn from each other.

The networking opportunities at TRAFFIC are incredible and this for me is what makes it all come-together. Yes – the panels are incredible, the live auction exciting, and the parties a blast – but it’s talking with other Domainers and connecting with people you may only know in the virtual world that really make these shows so special.

Let’s face it – we’re a different breed. Just think about it – how many of your friends from High School or College became Domainers? How many Domainers are there in your family?

Connecting with other inspired people that share a common interest is by far the best way to learn. It’s completely different from reading a blog post like this – it’s not only more interactive but there’s something about being there in person with someone that allows you to connect in ways that you just can’t online. We’re all buddies on Twitter, we comment on each other’s Facebook profiles, but it’s being there in person where the real magic happens.

This is what hit me today. There are so many great things about TRAFFIC – the panels, the auction, the parties…but at the end of the day it all comes down to one thing – being there in person with other Domainers, learning from each other, and sharing an experience. It may sound simple, and you may think – “well can’t I just do that over the phone?” The answer is “No,” there is no replacement for being together in person and sharing an experience. Whether it’s a wild night on the town or a conversation over lunch it takes being there, in person with so many other creative, inspired, and like-minded people to really understand how powerful a show like TRAFFIC is.

For me, each show I find myself becoming better friends with people I already know in the industry, and creating new friendships with people I’ve never met before. This industry is in its infancy – we are all the pioneers and together we are changing with world. The amazing thing about the Domaining community is that everyone wants to help-out everyone else, and being at a show like this not only exposes you to all the incredible people in the industry – it shows you just how much “blue sky” there is ahead of us.

So if you haven’t been to a TRAFFIC show before, break-down those barriers that are preventing you from going. Remember, the connections you make at the show don’t end with the show, in most cases the show is where they begin!

Next stop Dublin! Sign-up for TRAFFIC Dublin now!

Morgan Linton

Morgan Linton